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  • TGK2110  CNC deep hole skiving   burnishing machine
  • TGK2110  CNC deep hole skiving   burnishing machine
  • TGK2110  CNC deep hole skiving   burnishing machine
  • TGK2110  CNC deep hole skiving   burnishing machine
  • TGK2110  CNC deep hole skiving   burnishing machine

TGK2110 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine

TGK-Z type automatic CNC deep hole skiving   burnishing machine

Based on the advanced design concept of deep hole processing machine tools at China and abroad, our company has independently developed the TGK-Z series CNC deep hole skiving and burnishing machine tool, which has obtained the utility model patent certificate. The machine tool has high processing efficiency (deep hole skiving and burnishing efficiency is 10-20 times of  normal deep hole boring and honing), intelligent operation. It completes the work in one time , but normal deep hole machine needs 2-5 times to finish. The rough and fine boring are combined in one body, and the rough and fine boring is completed  in one time by pushing, and after the boring,  it will finish burnishing when tools draw back. The roughness of the workpiece is less than  Ra0.4um. It can replace the processing technology of ordinary deep hole rough and  fine boring and honing. The main features of this machine tool are high processing efficiency, stable performance and intelligent operation.

The machine uses  fixed workpiece,tool rotates and feeds processing methods. The machine is equipped with a KND CNC system, and the boring box is driven by an AC servo spindle motor. The spindle bearing adopts high-precision bearings and has high rotation precision. The feed box adopts servo motor and stepless speed regulation. Equipped with high-precision ball screw for high-precision and stable feed of the spindle head. The bed is made of cast bed and linear guide rail with a width of 650mm. The linear guides ensure the overall rigidity and guiding accuracy of the machine. Dedicated hydraulic self-centering clamps ensure the stability of the workpiece during high-speed machining. The machine is equipped with automatic chip removal device and the coolant filtration method adopts three-stage filtration. It is a processing equipment specialized in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, which is another major innovation in deep hole technology. The machine is equipped with high-efficiency automatic expansion and contraction skiving and burnishing tools (Germany made , Korea made , and China made ). It uses rough-skiving -burnishinging processing to process workpieces up to 6mm. The machine is equipped with a special hydraulic retracting  tools system. The system pushes the core rod to make the diameter of the skiving insert  and the roller smaller, the tool returns to the pressure head, and the hydraulic system pulls the core rod to return the tool to its original size. This machine is especially suitable for high-volume processing of various hydraulic cylinders and other precision pipe.

Main Technical Specifications  




Boring   diameter


Max.boring depth


Workpiece clamped dia.range

φ50mm –φ200mm


Height from spindle center to bed


Spindle bord diameter


Taper of spindle bore

85mm    1:20

Range of spindle speed

40-1000r/min two shifts, infinite


Feed speed range(infinte)


Carriage rapid-moving speed



Main motor power


Hydraulic pump motor power


Feed motor power

3.7KW AC   servo

Cool pump motor power



Rated prdssure of cooling system

2.Mpa gear pump

Flow  volume of cooling system

200L/min two group   

Rated working pressure of  hydraulic system


Max.axial force on pressure head


Max.clamping force by pressure head on workpiece



Beijing   KND or depending on client request

 Machine accuracy:

 Precision of bore diameter:

Drilling hole IT8 ~ IT9;  Boring hole IT7

 Roundness      0.036mm/Ф200mm after the fine boring

 Cylindricity      0.05/500mm after the fine boring

 Roughness            Rough  boring Ra6.3um

                            Fine boring  Ra1.6um

                               Burnishing  Ra0.4um