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Dezhou Hongxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
Dezhou Hongxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Dezhou Hongxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, obtained the product quality inspection certificate of China Machine Tool Inspection Center, and the patent certificate of deep hole skiving and burnishing machine . It has been rated as a scientific and technological star enterprise in Shandong Province.

Dezhou Hongxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, It is a design, manufacturing and sales of ordinary deep hole  machine tools (deep hole drilling machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, deep hole boring machine) and CNC Professional manufacturer of deep hole drilling machine, CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine and CNC deep hole powerful honing machine.

Founded in July 2003, the company has more than 25 million yuan in fixed assets. The company occupies an area of 60 acres and employs more than 200 people. It has a research and development team mainly engaged in the both domestic and aborad machine tool industry and a first-class digital machine and assembly workshop in the domestic machine tool industry, with professional machine tool design, manufacturing level and deep hole cutting experience and strong technical strength, production and manufacturing capabilities. The company has a variety of advanced machining equipment: such as 6 meters, 13 meters planer, large digital face milling machine, heavy rail grinding machine, CNC machining center, vertical boring and milling machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, CNC deep hole drilling machine, CNC Large processing equipment such as drilling and milling machines. The company is committed to the development and research of deep hole technology, continuous innovation, careful design and manufacture of various deep hole machine tools and ancillary products. Strong technical and design ability, rich experience in deep hole processing, providing technical support for customers' deep hole processing requirements. A large number of high-quality equipment for aerospace, automotive, mold, mining, petroleum, engineering machinery, power, nuclear power and other industries.

The company's main products are ZTK type, ZGK type CNC deep hole scraping and rolling machine, CNC screw milling machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine (T2120/T2125/T2135/T2150 series), heavy duty deep hole drilling boring machine (T2180/T21100 series), Single-axis CNC deep hole drilling machine (ZK2102/ZK2103 series), double-axis (four-axis) CNC deep hole drilling machine (ZK2102/ZK2103 series), CNC deep hole powerful honing machine (2MK2125/2MK2150/2MK2180 series), wind power spindle processing machine, Deep hole drilling machine for oil drill collar processing, heavy/special deep hole drilling and boring machine, deep hole trepanning machine tool, etc. The processing diameter is from Φ1.5mm to Φ1250mm, the length specification is complete, and the processing hole depth can be up to 16m. Our company's deep hole products are unique in China, filling a number of domestic blanks, and the technical level and market share are leading in the domestic market. The company's supporting production and sales of various deep hole processing tools and accessories can meet the needs of various applications. , standard series BTA type machine clamp can be converted into deep hole drill bit, external chip drill bit, deep hole boring head, deep hole rolling head, deep hole honing head, rolling combination head (TGG, TTG) and German style (Korean) Deep hole scraping tools, etc., and undertake the design and manufacture of non-standard deep hole tools and special hole machining tools.

Products are mainly sold to international and domestic markets, such as: Liaoning, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Guangzhou, Hebei, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Iran, Singapore, Ukraine, indonesea etc. In 2015, the company achieved an output value of 50 million yuan with its own machine tool production and processing unit project; in 2013, the company realized an output value of 80 million yuan. In 2016, the company invested in the development of CNC machine tools, heavy-duty machine tools, scraping and rolling machine tools, as well as cylinders, hydraulic systems and other production projects. Strive to achieve a breakthrough in the output value of 100 million yuan in 2018. With the expansion of scale and the increasingly perfect development environment, the company strives to achieve an annual sales income of 300 million yuan within three years, and achieve the ambitious goal of profit and tax of 80 million yuan.

The company is based on the "market-oriented, sincere mutual trust, service first, quality first" as the core concept of business management, adhere to the market-oriented, "sales" as the center, "development" and "production" as the guarantee The "cooperative win-win marketing principle, market-recognized research and development principles, quality-first production principles" as the basic principles of business operations. Through innovation, we constantly improve our business model, and constantly improve our department's performance through self-transcendence, pursuing excellence, harmonious development, and striving for first-class companies. "Integrity management to do a hundred years of enterprise, tree international brand." Sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life, mutual benefit and common development.

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