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  • TGK16x6 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine
  • TGK16x6 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine
  • TGK16x6 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine
  • TGK16x6 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine
  • TGK16x6 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine

TGK16x6 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine

TGK16x6 CNC deep hole skiving burnishing machine

I. Machine tool overview and main uses

1.1 Machine Overview

This machine tool can complete the boring, skiving, burnishing and other processing procedures of the inner hole. During processing, the workpiece is fixed, the tool rotates and feeds, the cutting fluid enters the cutting area through the pressure head, cools, lubricates the cutting area, and removes chips. When boring, the push boring method is used to discharge the cutting fluid and chips forward.

Through the combination of fine boring and burnishing, it can   complete  at one time the job that previously required 2-3 operations to complete , which greatly improves the work efficiency. This machine is particularly suitable for the finishing of various types of fine drawn seamless tubes.

The machine tool uses pneumatic tools, and the air source is provided by the user.


1.2 Main uses of machine tools

This machine is a special machine.

1.3 Machine tool composition

○ 1 Bed

The bed is made of high-quality cast iron HT300 with resin sand molding and aging treatment. The structure adopts a closed box structure on three sides, and the reinforcement ribs are reasonably arranged. The bed rail is a double flat hard rail with good guidance. The bed canopy is arranged under the guide rail, which can effectively prevent the cooling fluid from flowing outside the bed and keep the work site clean.

Machine guide rails is Hardened rails which is grinded  after hardening.

The right end of the bed is a boring box, the pressure head and the workpiece bracket are arranged in the middle, and the chip removal box is left.

○ 2 Boring box

The Boring box is infinitely adjustable in speed. This box is connected to the feed ball screw through a carriage. The boring bar drives the tool to rotate to complete the cutting action. The box has the characteristics of high rigidity and high torque○ 3 pressure head

  The functions of the pressure head are as follows: 1) convey and seal the coolant; 2) support the boring bar; 3) guide the tool; 4) support and push the workpiece.

○ 4 Feed system

The AC servo motor drives the ball screw drive, stepless speed regulation, the ball screw specification is 6310. The feed speed range is 5-1000mm / min. The feed box is a planetary gear structure.

○ 5 cooling system

Located on the back of the machine. Chip conveyor, filter screen, and other multiple filtering methods ensure the cleanness of the cooling oil, which is conducive to repeated recycling. The high-pressure pump provides stable pressure. The shape of the cooling oil tank is designed as a long strip, which takes up little space.

○ 6 Centralized lubrication device

The machine's main relative moving surfaces (ball screw nuts, guide rails, etc.) are uniformly lubricated and lubricated by a centralized lubrication system at regular intervals. The oil tank has an automatic alarm function for low oil levels.

○ 7 Workpipece support

Located in the middle of the machine. Between the pressure head and the pressure tailstock, it plays an auxiliary support role when loading and unloading the workpiece. The v-shaped adjustable structure is simple and convenient to operate.

○ 8 Boring bar bracket

  It is used to support the boring bar to ensure the minimum straightness deviation during the processing , which is beneficial to reduce the vibration of the boring bar and improve the processing quality.

○ 9 Workpiece clamp caliper

The V-shaped iron on it can automatically center and clamp the workpiece, which can support the workpiece when processing long workpiece, and can also compensate for the external deformation of thin-walled parts during processing.

○ 10 Hydraulic system

Independent hydraulic pump station installed outside the machine, the main function is to provide pressure for workpiece clamping. The main hydraulic components are domestic famous products with excellent and reliable performance.

○ 11 Electrical system

Independent electrical cabinet with good dust-proof effect. The cabinet is equipped with an axial fan cooling system to make electrical components work in a suitable temperature environment, thereby increasing the service life of the components and ensuring the stability and reliability of the control system. The CNC system is Beijing KND CNC system, and the main low-voltage electrical component is Chint Electric..

Machine data



Work scope

Boring ID


Length of Job


Job OD


Boring box

Center height

> 260mm

Spindle nose

Ф80mm 1:20

Spindle speed


Spindle torque


  Feed data

Feed speed

50-1000mm/min( infinite)

Rapid speed  





1-6 m

Roughness of boring

Roughness of burnishing








Boring motor power  

30KW    AC servo

Feed motor

5.5KW   AC servo

Hydraulic motor

1.5KW      AC

Cooling motor

7.5KW X 2

Chip conveyor motor






Pushing force of pressure head


Coolant volume


Rated pressure of coolant